Monday, May 24, 2010

Redang Island

This beautiful island is just off the coast of Trengganu. The flight from Subang Airport by Berjaya Airlines took us just about an hour to reach the Redang Airport and then we were shuttled by bus to the Berjaya Beach Resort about 10 minutes away.

There were other resorts around but the place where we stayed was the Berjaya Beach Resort, located on a hill slopes overlooking the sea. The rooms were okay and for food we have no choice but to take the hotel's food only. There are food shops outside (quite a distance away) but the transport facility was not available. So, everything was supplied by the hotel, ie lodging and food with the price fancied by the hotel.

The beach was superb. We spent the three days there literally on the beach itself, basking under the sun as well as dipping ourselves in the blue sea waters of the South China Sea! Of course the holiday was meant for the kids and they really enjoyed it. We did snorkeling too, but the bigger fish was near to the rocks and kids were not advisable to go there. I did my share and well, the fish were a few only, maybe next trip they may multiply! They said, The Lagoon Resort close by offers better deal where snorkeling is concerned.

Of course, the visitors that came together with me on the plane were mostly foreigners. I made few friends and one guy from Japan was really very nice to me. He expected me to visit Japan and look for him, well, what a guy he is! Then, a few days ago he wrote me a letter attaching a few beautiful photographs of Japan. Thank you so much Mr Hito!

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